This change affects us all #WorldWaterDay!

M.S.Ambrogio is much more than a business, we are a community, and we want to play our part, as we can:
💧We protect #environment thanks to our water purifier that allows to reuse 700,000 litres/month of wastewater
💧We raise awareness in our headquarters’ offices getting our 750 colleagues informed on good actions to help protect #water, such as turning off sleeping tech and sparing paper
💧We have equipped our company with drinking water dispensers, to limit the use of plastic water bottles, which are often left half-finished
💧We shop sustainably, choosing corporate gadgets and office supplies made of food wastage and recycled materials
💧We use our social media voice to spread out the message to our network and further
Just very few drops in a huge ocean of urgent #actions to take, but together we can make the difference.
Play your part. Do what you can!

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