Yesterday, around 40 students from ITIS Paleocapa BG joined M.S.Ambrogio facilities for a training on-the-job project, which we planned and designed in collaboration with PentaP s.r.l. and ECOTRE VALENTE Srl.
An initiative offering students a complete insight into high-precision mechanical design, thanks to the use of Bihler bNX CAD software by Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG and finite element analysis. A unique opportunity for students to gain a practical understanding of how much #technology and #expertise is required for the production of an apparently simple metal part.
In addition to thanking all our #colleagues in the manufacturing department who are always available to welcome and answer students' questions, we would like to #thank all those who wanted and made this project possible Imerio Chiappa | Claudia Caccia | Fausto Papini | Lorenzo Valente

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