We're glad to share the positive and motivating results from the recently released 2023 M.S.Ambrogio carbon footprint report. 🌿 👣
Compared to 2021 baseline year, we've achieved an overall improvement of 21% across all analyzed categories!
These results are due to various mitigation and optimization actions we've promptly implemented.
The good performances registered can also be attributed to the numerous energy efficiency initiatives we've undertaken since 2015, such as:
💡 Replacing all lighting systems with energy-efficient LEDs
🔧 Upgrading compressors for better performance
☀️ Installing photovoltaic systems for self-consumption
These measures have consistently resulted in significant reductions of 32% in energy consumption and emissions compared to 2018.
Achieving such good results allows us to set new goals and challenges. Our commitment remains steadfast: to improve our impact on the #environment year after year, aiming to seamlessly combine environmental, social, and economic sustainability. 🌍

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