The beating heart of our company's technical and technological know-how is the range of services we make available to our customers.

Our team uses state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation and deploys all its experience, knowledge and expertise to carefully study every aspect of the project, assess the best solutions that meet the requirements and targets, and implement an industrial process that is optimised at every stage.

In a close working relationship between our design department and the customer's technicians, every request is analysed, optimised and implemented thanks to the experience, professionalism and expertise of our technicians.

M.S.Ambrogio's significant technical know-how is at the complete service of the customer throughout initial design, implementation and testing of the production tooling in order to guarantee maximum performance during the subsequent production stages.


In order to offer an increasingly thorough and precise service, we have set up a finite element modelling laboratory, which offers valuable support both during product prototyping and industrialisation. It allows us to study the behaviour of materials in advance, and any stresses and deformations that the material may undergo throughout the production process, so we can make the best technical choices.


Our metrology laboratory is responsible for dimensional inspection of moulds and their replacement parts. Supported by state-of-the-art instrumentation, both optical and contact, our specialist operators take measurements in the order of hundredths of a millimetre.

The moulds are considered to be the heart of M.S.Ambrogio's production process and the phase with the highest technological content. In order to have absolute control over the production process, it is essential that the physical mould perfectly matches the design. Thanks to constant research carried out on laboratory instruments, the moulds are carefully monitored during their entire life cycle, from manufacturing and throughout the subsequent maintenance stages, to ensure maximum performance at all times.


A highly advanced technological research and development laboratory equipped with sophisticated instruments for analysing materials, such as the optical and electron microscopes, or chemical composition, such as the quantometer. It operates within M.S.Ambrogio independently of the production cycle and its standard checks. Its main aim is to study and investigate various aspects related to metallurgy in general such as: characterisation of materials, welding, heat treatments, galvanic treatments, material deformability.


From handling incoming raw material to delivering the finished product, all logistics management and scheduling is planned with the support of integrated and constantly updated computer systems to offer a precise but flexible service.

In a supply chain where raw materials are essential, we work with the world's leading suppliers of precision materials. Each is certified to current standards and operates with modern, approved delivery methods that undergo continuous quality control. Everything is subject to M.S.Ambrogio's Quality System, which is responsible for selecting and qualifying suppliers and their processes and products.

Our in-house logistics department handles worldwide transport and all international sales transactions with great skill and accuracy, responding to specific customer requirements and interpreting any needs that may arise ahead of time. Direct transport management allows us to provide customers with prompt real-time information on shipment progress.

Our logistics department offers various types of packaging, as well as a packaging co-design service and fully customised solutions to meet the needs of any customer.