10% of our turnover is reinvested annually in new machinery and technology.

Investments in technology not only allow us to increase quality and production performance, but also to continuously improve factors such as safety, energy savings and environmental impact.

The experience and technological know-how built up over the years have led us to further integrate our machine fleet with technologies and systems that we have co-designed and fully customised to meet the needs identified, thus offering customers products that perfectly match their requirements.

In our production department, which covers an area of 25,000 m² in Cisano Bergamasco and a further 4,000 m² in Chignolo d'Isola, we have more than 280 production lines that automatically mass produce complex metal strip or wire components, ensuring extremely consistent precision and productivity.

We also perform automatic assembly, either directly on Bihler machines with Multi Slide technology, or on specially designed assembly lines. This allows us to significantly improve quality and optimise the production process, resulting in very high-performance and precise pre-assembled units, while offering our customers significant savings in time, cost and environmental impact.


Technologically advanced CNC machines of the latest generation capable of creating complex geometries and performing complex operations at high production rates and with constant precision.

Bihler multi-slide technologies can automatically shear, shape, bend, weld, rivet and assemble numerous components, even extremely complex ones made of different materials, on a single machining centre and in a single step.

M.S.Ambrogio's expertise and know-how in tooling design and manufacture is able to exploit the full potential of these CNC machines, allowing fast set-ups, flexibility, precision and high production rates.

Thanks to more than sixty years of partnership with Otto Bihler Maschinenfabrik and a continuous exchange of information and feedback between engineers on both sides, M.S.Ambrogio now has enormous experience and knowledge in this construction technology.


M.S.Ambrogio has a large fleet of Bruderer and Yamada high-speed automatic presses, ranging from 20 to 125 tonnes, which guarantee maximum quality performance while achieving high production speeds.

Here too, as in production with Bihler technology, all equipment is designed, manufactured and tested by M.S.Ambrogio to its own production standards to guarantee absolute quality of the finished product.


Our machine fleet has high tonnage presses such as Minster and AIDA from 160 up to 410 tonnes for precision progressive stamping.

All presses at M.S.Ambrogio offer top performance, quality and production efficiency. In particular, the latest generation of numerically controlled presses offer excellent product and process performance, thanks to the possibility of adjusting tonnage and processing speed in relation to the characteristics of the part to be produced.


For M.S.Ambrogio, wire forming was the “spring” from which everything began.

Today, we make tensile, torsion and compression springs, as well as all wire shaping processes, such as bending and shearing, using different materials like copper, steel and copper alloys, which can be enamelled, circular, square, rectangular or trapezoidal. We process steel wires up to a maximum diameter of 2 mm, and copper and copper alloy wires up to 3.5 mm.

The entire production department consists of the latest generation winding machines, all CNC, such as Itaya and MEC high-performance, high-precision machines with automatic self-regulation during the production process.

A dedicated grinding line can grind the ends of compression springs to make them perfectly parallel.


For most of the products manufactured by M.S.Ambrogio, the production cycle is not limited to the initial part forming stage, but is complete with a series of subsequent operations and finishes such as washing, tumbling, surface coating and many others, aimed at ensuring the parts meet the necessary functional and quality requirements.

A very important stage involves heat treatments, which are needed to give the product the desired mechanical properties.

These are performed on a series of latest generation automatic system for oil quench hardening or austempering carbon steels or for normalising stainless steels.

Special heat treatments, such as carburizing, carbonitriding or vacuum treatment, are outsourced to highly qualified suppliers.


The technologies in use at M.S.Ambrogio make it possible combining several processing steps to produce metal/plastic composite components, resulting in numerous economical and time-saving benefits. Bihler machining centres perform several machining cycles automatically in a complete, parallel or consecutive process. This allows us to ensure continuity of the machining stages, from the raw material to the finished assembled product.

In addition to Bihler's technologies, we have developed ad hoc assembly systems over the years to meet specific requirements, such as the need to subject components to intermediate heat or galvanic treatments.